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Ironmelt is a program designed to decode binary savegame files generated by some Clausewitz Engine games (mainly for Ironman games) to save them in human-readable text format.


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promotional_final Chronicle is a utility designed to read, parse and display information stored in savegame files. Data is presented on maps, in tables and graphs. It can be saved or further exported as graphics or CSV tables. Multiple points of time are supported so that time-based progression of various statistics can be presented. Savegames (autosaves) can be listened to in the background as the game progresses which is an easy way to acquire long time-series for the program to show.

New World Order 2

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NWO2_640 A post-WW2 mod for Darkest Hour which aims to break the bad streak and finally provide full Cold War experience for a game from Hearts of Iron series. The mod extensively covers 1945-1963 years and is now extended until 1991, adding new historical ministers, events, AI files; thanks to CWTT mod the tech tree is also extended and new unit models are introduced.

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You can check out source code for some of my programs at Bitbucket.