New World Order 2.2.2

Primary download site Link
Secondary download site Link
Requirements Darkest Hour 1.03, CWTT Beta 1.1
Installation instructions – Go to your game’s mod directory (e.g. “C:Program FilesDarkest HourMods”);
– Make a copy of “Darkest Hour Full” directory, which is going to take a while (a lot of files to be copied);
– Rename the copied directory “New World Order 2″
– Install the latest version of the CWTT mod ( into the “New World Order 2″ directory
– Copy contents of the downloaded NWO archive into the “New World Order 2″ directory.


[+] added historical ministers and events for countries G-N (up to and including New Zealand)
[+] among the new events are the ones for: Indian-Pakistani conflict (including liberation of Bangladesh)
[+] added a new lobby music piece created for the mod, by Fernando Torres
[+] AI preparation completed with the 1990s set added
[x] fixed 1980s AI set so that countries will build IC in that decade
[x] Operation PBSUCCESS now has a chance of failure and is initiated by the USA
[+] UIR tag is now Bangladesh
[+] UAP tag is now Biafra
[x] fixed errors in United Nations resolution over Falklands War
[x] Arab countries now enter into temporary alliances when in war with Israel
[x] Dem. Rep. of Afghanistan has now UPS tag not to collide with Basmatchi (UPE)
[x] Dem. Rep. of Afghanistan has its revolt.txt entry fixed so should appear correctly
[x] correct flag of Canada is now used
[+] Cod Wars events added for Iceland
[x] AI neutrality of Israel, North Vietnam, South Vietnam and Italy increased a bit
[x] implemented several proposals by Ariosto Marzani
[x] American event “Gearing up for War” will not happen during Cold War
[x] some events are now properly slept for some scenarios or their enddates are altered
[x] generic decisions are brought back after 1950, with some scaling in money input needed
[x] South Vietnam will start with a flag set to limited American help in 1959 scenario
[x] Iranian AI is now told to guard border with IRaq in later scenarios
[x] East Prussia remains now a claim of West Germany after the war, to be removed by event during Brandt’s tenure