Chronicle 1.0.0

Chronicle 1.0 experimental support for Vicky2

Release date: 2014-05-16
Information: this page
Download link:


  • added experimental support for Victoria 2
  • SharpZipLib is replaced by DotNetZip component for ZIP support
  • fixed a major bug related to parsing uninitialized data (e.g. when adding a new game)
  • fixed a major bug related to support for flag tables in AAR files
  • fixed a minor bug in CE.Parser which in some circumstances omitted the final character of each line
  • minor additions to the logging component
  • games management window gets some fixes
  • only officially supported games are now shown in available games combo box in games management

With version 1.0, the program received a setup program. This is specifically to let the user clear cache files which are created in Application Data folders when the program is no longer in use.
The app requires .NET Framework 4 or higher installed and should run on Windows XP or newer. It may require sizeable amounts of RAM to cache processed graphics, in area of 0,5 GB.