New World Order 2.2.3

Primary download site Link
Secondary download site Link
Requirements Darkest Hour 1.03, CWTT Beta 1.1
Installation instructions – Go to your game’s mod directory (e.g. “C:Program FilesDarkest HourMods”);
– Make a copy of “Darkest Hour Full” directory, which is going to take a while (a lot of files to be copied);
– Rename the copied directory “New World Order 2″
– Install the latest version of the CWTT mod ( into the “New World Order 2″ directory
– Copy contents of the downloaded NWO archive into the “New World Order 2″ directory.


[x] fixed serious problems with “dissolution of the Eastern Bloc” events that prevented them from firing
[+] added historical ministers and events for countries O-S (up to and including Syria)
[+] added events for the demise of USSR 1985-1991
[+] added Spanish translation (by derekg36)
[+] updated unit models graphics (by derekg36)
[x] important balance-aimed modifications to economic development events (all countries experience lower IC growth, USA has noticeably less IC, DDR a bit more)
[x] redrawn borders of Chinese faction in the wake of Chinese Civil War (suggested by tovarish)
[x] significant rebalance of Chinese Civil War to allow AI-led KMT a chance to win, especially if the war starts ahistorically early
[x] South Korea gets a couple more division before the war starts to help balance
[+] Hungary should no longer rejoin Warsaw Pact during 1956 revolution
[x] fixed Stalin’s personalities (reported by Miihkali)
[x] reviewed DH Full mobilization events to prevent demobilization by Chinese states in 1945
[x] land army limits relaxed
[x] economic development events no longer need cold_war to be set (ended WW2); 1945 events are postponed until 1950 though if the flag is missing