Chronicle gets Vicky2 support

Chronicle Victoria 2 support

After some time to prepare things to get working Chronicle is getting its Victoria II support up in the latest version.

No other game suits so well as a statistical compendium and while Chronicle doesn’t (yet?) tampers with POP frenzy (with huge amount of different religions, nationalities, occupations) there’s a lot of data to proceed already. As on the screenshot, which shows how healthy support for liberals was in Europe in 1860s.

HoI3 and EU3 are too supported, as they were, and each version they get little general improvements in performance and stability.

Speaking of general improvements, there’s one neat thing coming soon which I too always want to make available:

Chronicle GIF animation

Animated GIF support, that is. Which you can generate out of each mapmode alike (I use troop location map because political map is soo mundane). There’s no time indication yet but seeing scary red fields pushing into France yet and then forming a wide front pushing into Russia, you can guess what the years are.

Currently you are getting this functionality only in debug mode but when it’s finally done, it will allow saving portion of map only (the image is above is cropped externally), having zoom reduced and getting that year/month timestamp.