New World Order 2.2.4

Primary download site Link
Secondary download site Link
Requirements Darkest Hour 1.03
Installation instructions – Go to your game’s mod directory (e.g. “C:Program FilesDarkest HourMods”);
– Make a copy of “Darkest Hour Full” directory, which is going to take a while (a lot of files to be copied);
– Rename the copied directory “New World Order 2″
– Copy contents of the downloaded NWO archive into the “New World Order 2″ directory.


[+] Cold War Tech Tree Expansion (CWTT) by Kretoxian and others is now included in the mod
[x] included corrected counters by eeex
[x] Israel will now be correctly released in 1948
[+] added historical ministers and events for the remaining countries up to Yugoslavia, with only U** tags yet remaining
[x] fixed nuclear AI and added free ICBM events (suggested by Myrten)
[x] further altered Chinese Civil War balance to make it slightly easier for Communist to win in historical circumstances
[+] finally added events for Nuremberg Trials, with three different outcomes possible
[x] fixed 8229000 event triggers to be less stringent (reported by nelsonlee)
[x] Italy is now getting its “democratic” flag after its consitutional referendum 1946 and only if it passes (reported by Gwax23)
[x] fixed Stalin’s personalities once more, hopefully for good (reported by Miihkali)
[+] added a semi-flavor event for Nazi veterans assistance in case of WW3, provided that lenient sentence was given in Nuremberg Trials (suggested by Comrad Urio)
[x] completely retooled Soviet peace AI towards building airforce and navy (their land force is already huge and requires only upgrading)
[x] once again slightly modified IC development (mostly in case of UK, West Germany and East Germany)
[x] if both Germany and Italy exist upon German surrender and fights on Axis side, Germany annexes Italy to minimize possibility of a crash (reported by alxeu)
[x] models of troops given to Korean states in Korean War are more realistic (reported by Kennelly)
[x] changed route towards independence of Malaya and, slightly, Sarawak (reported by Kennelly)
[x] fixed DEI cores (reported by Kennelly)
[x] DEI and Indonesia have now ferocity = yes flag so they shouldn’t break their war with white peace, peaceful resolution of the conflict is also now less probable
[x] fixed Nationalist China’s decisions regarding Sino-Indian War of 1962 (reported by Myrten)
[x] revised Chinese borders in 1945 not to make it trivial for Nationalists to cut Manchuria off the Communist capital
[x] First Kashmir War should now fire properly
[x] made changes to Hungarian ruling cabinets (provided by eeex)
[x] two missing images in CWTT fixed
[+] Warsaw Pact should now dissolve in 1990 if historical events leading to end of USSR unfold
[x] fixed Warsaw Pact dissolution events (reported by LordInsane)
[x] fixes to balance of Iran Crisis 1946 and First Kashmir War
[x] updated unit models names and gfx (by derekg)