The Grand Campaign 2.2

The TGC utility received a small facelift and now supports the latest NWO version which already comes with CWTT, so requirement to include CWTT mod is now lifted.

The direct link:

Usage instructions:

  1. Download the latest versions of these three mods: AAR-Reboot Beta2 by ejwith9953, based on AAR by Burning and Limith: and New World Order 2 (NWO) by Bizon:…-World-Order-2.
  2. Choose the location of your Darkest Hour game folder (main directory) in the first edit box.
  3. Choose “Arms, Armistice and Revolution” from the dropdown box and specify location of unpacked AAR files or the zip file. Note that 7z archives are not supported. Do the same for New World Order. You should have twoelements in the list box below. Additional mods are, as the name suggests, optional.
  4. You may change the name of the resulting mod.
  5. When you are ready, click “Install”.