Chronicle 2.1.0

Release date: 2015-01-05
Information: this page
Download link:

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows Vista with .NET Framework 4.5 or newer


  • the program no longer uses game cache when loading savegames; every time data is loaded directly from game files
  • some internal mechanisms of tables parsing completely redone
  • added support for flexible multivalue tables (stats+mapmodes)
  • added support for “advanced” view for tables (suitable as a pivot table source), compatible with multivalue tables
  • logging is now properly thread-safe; added an internal setting to specify logging interval
  • CSV files will no longer end with an empty column
  • CSV files will use a proper current system culture delimiter as well as decimal separator
  • added an internal setting to override CSV delimiter
  • displaying a graph should no longer crash the program (wrong date format was used)
  • fixed a bug when colorscales under a minimap didn’t show up when first map mode was selected after loading a savegame
  • added a lot of functionalities to Table management window; preliminary support for switching tablesets
  • redone working directories scheme; changed [Cache] folder to [TablesCache] and [Games] folder to [DefsCache]
  • removed Advanced tab from options
  • duplicated savegames (e.g. from the game folder and Documents folder) will be shown as one entry
  • all province labels are now kept in memory
  • the program checks on startup if it is already running, in this case it stops
  • a lot of various other fixes

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