Chronicle 2.2.0

Release date: 2015-01-12
Information: this page
Download link:

System requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista with .NET Framework 4.5 or newer

Note that for this version, the program should attempt to clear installed game database at the first start. It is important to allow it to do this and then readd all the games manually to prevent incompatibilities. No actual game files will be touched.

– added full support for Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour (as a separate game) to enable running TFH mods
– updated most of external libraries to the newest versions
– removed bugged and confusing Table management window and Tablesets dropdown button
– added Import savegame function (which adds a savegame to the currently loaded data as a next timepoint)
– visual update to several map modes for better usability / visual style
– it is now possible to display a graph without explicitly generating a table beforehand
– before initializing a new game, an old one is unloaded first; this solves crash when switching between games
– fixed crashes with text-based map modes, especially country/province flags
– fixed errors with displaying labels for some text-based modes
– fixed crash when displaying stats table for a multivalue table that does not have datakeys labels (e.g. core provinces, CoT control, etc.)
– if new game data is entered in Game management window and the window is closed without clicking [Add new], user is asked whether to add a new game
– for map modes that react on click (e.g. core provinces depending on the current country), the current country will not change when merely scrolling (click-and-drag)
– two new multivalue map modes added to Victoria II
– the program has a new icon 🙂
– a lot of other fixes religions nationalities