Chronicle 2.3.0

Release date: 2015-02-08
Information: this page
Download link:!263612&authkey=!ALBjiMhuQuakftQ&ithint=file%2cexe

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows Vista with .NET Framework 4.5 or newer


  • stats tables now use a new component, Xceed DataGrid for better functionality and performance
    – rewrote major part of graph creation routines, lots of bugs fixed
  • datakeys labels are now saved in AAR files
  • about 15 new modes added to Crusader Kings II
  • about 25 new modes added to Victoria II
  • fixed errors in several Victoria II tables
  • optimizations made to speed up multiple value tables parsing (including text tables), about 8-10x parsing time decrease for tables of this kind
  • optimizations added to most of tables thanks to prepopulated country and province nodes lists
  • it is now possible to specify stats display precision
  • fixed color gradient changing its place to the bottom of the right-side panel
  • cultures mapmode in Crusader Kings II now uses pre-defined colors, a lot of other fixes to map colors
  • dialogs now follow system theming
  • multivalue datakey choices are now properly refreshed when a new map mode is loaded
  • some fixes to multivalue tables logic
  • when a colorscale is missing, the program reverts properly to the black-white scale
  • fixed minor icon glitches, added 24×24 icon size
  • update procedure has been made more error-proof