Chronicle 2.4.0

Release date: 2015-03-19
Information: this page
Download link: Download

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows Vista with .NET Framework 4.5 or newer

– added support for Europa Universalis IV
– changed the way GIF animations are described – with additional configuration options
– a few colors are now fixed for GIF generation (water color included) and they will not be eliminated by nearest-matching algorithm
– Steam cloud folder is now monitored too (although at this point no savegames will get imported as they are in binary format for cloud uploads)
– color randomization routine (for map modes like regions or cultures) has been improved and generates now more divergent colors
– progress of opening, saving files and exporting to GIF files is now shown much better so the program does not appear to ‘hang’ for bigger data sets
– internal ZIP compression level settings is now honored; working with AAR files will be slightly faster due to this
– fixed some quirks with importing games from Steam
– fixed tab character handling in CEParser
– improved routine reading game date from savegame file
– savegame parsing errors will now be reported to the user
– fixed generating PNG from ‘visible portion of the map’
– when games are being recorded ‘Export to animated’ button should now turn active
– several interface modifications and fixes