New World Order 2.2.7

Download site Link
Requirements Darkest Hour 1.04 RC1
Installation instructions – Go to your game’s mod directory (e.g. “C:Program FilesDarkest HourMods”);
– Make a copy of “Darkest Hour Full” directory, which is going to take a while (a lot of files to be copied);
– Rename the copied directory “New World Order 2″
– Copy contents of the downloaded NWO archive into the “New World Order 2″ directory.


[+] UTL is now Zambia
[+] UTO is now Botswana
[+] URO is now Malawi
[x] fix of anti_tank research, published in 2.2.6 hotfix is now included
[+] integrated mobilization and tech-related hotfixes (provided by A-150)
[+] integrated fixed unit/brigade modifiers (provided by Stuka Ju87 D3)
[+] added several improvements to post-war Spain (by derekg36)
[+] added Soviet leaders for communist Poland (by JonathanJ6)
[+] added end of apartheid event for South Africa and independence events for Namibia, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana
[x] Italy now uses pre-1946 flag in 1945 scenario
[x] Austria uses its modern flag for 1945+ scenarios (reported by Ericafaq)
[x] corrected tech teams of several newly added countries
[x] tech teams ending their existence in 1970 have it extended to 1990
[x] fixed crash for 1959 scenario because of bad model identifiers
[x] fixed Biafran revolt date (reported by NickFeyR)
[x] fixed Japan not losing its puppet status in 1952 (reported by th3redmenace)
[x] fixed Prague Spring event not working (reported by NickFeyR)
[x] fixed several broken event chains, a.o. Stalin’s Note, Hungarian Revolution and Polish martial law (because of incorrect command usage)
[+] added an event for Vittorio Emanuele IV accession (suggested by nousername)
[+] added several events for united Europe (provided by Panda69)
[x] if USSR chooses to back down on Communist Greece, their alliance is now properly discarded (reported by evilcorgi)
[x] post-1950 Communist Greece AI should now build much less militia (reported by evilcorgi)
[x] having researched space techs gives now benefits for space race events (reported by evilcorgi)
[x] integrated model fix by derekg36
[x] small other fixes
[x] changed AWACS brigades range (reported by satilisu)
[x] added some extra checks for the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation event so it shouldn’t fire after WW2 ends in Asia (reported by -Hiki-)