Ironmelt 3.1

Release date: 2016-02-14
Information: this page
Download link: Download

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (or newer)

– a lot of new tokens and fixes for EU4 and CK2
– errors are now sorted, by their appearance count
– “Save to local savegames folder” will retain the file in the original location if it is in a mod subfolder
– “Prevent overwrite of the original file” no longer generates “*_1_1” filenames
– conversion of renamed compressed savegames (where the name of the savegame does not equal name of the archive) now works
– fixed identification of ‘date’-type entries in EU4 savegames
– all output files are created now with Unix-type end-of-file characters (\n)