Chronicle 3 Roadmap

Short-term (3.2)

Performance tools and logging improvements

Writing many new modes may bog the savegame process down and even built-in modes vary in resource requirements. A new performance snap-in will be able to measure performance of every mode and present it better than a log entry (which will also get better). Also, I’ll make sure that all possible errors caused by plug-ins will be correctly contained and will not make impact on stability of the whole program.

Medium term (3.3+)

Interface support for custom modes (“plug-ins”)

Because Chronicle now lets you write your own routines to pull savegame data out, it will need some user-friendly support for the new modes you will write or download.

Support for Hearts of Iron IV

Some time after the game is released, it will get its Chronicle support too!

Awareness of player’s realm

It doesn’t matter now which country is the player’s one and all data is imported regardless of this. Grabbing player’s country tag will not only allow some simple notice in the interface and possibly some other UI aids. I want to tackle once again the most data-heavy modes, like diplomatic relations which is like a huge matrix, where each country in the world has some numerically defined level of relation with every other country. This results in data sets relatively too big to be kept in AAR files. But if I imported such relations only for the country which is played at the moment this data mode would finally be doable.


The main premise behind game support in Chronicle is standardization and unification across the games so it is fairly extensible and easy to grasp. Now this sometimes may mean that the data is shown in less interesting and compelling way than in respective game themselves (where CK is character driven, in HoI tactics plays the biggest part, in other games it may be about power balance, etc.). That would be cool to, on top of current mechanisms, build some game-specific reports, coming closer to what the game itself presents (but aiming to do it in better ways).

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