Chronicle 3 Screenshots

Political map mode – the most obvious mode for any game, also showing mod support in Victoria II


Religion map mode in Victoria – with the possibility of detailed analysis of religion breakdown in each province


Culture map mode in detail, with colors index – also showing ID map overlay


And here the map zoomed out, showing tempreature map mode for Hearts of Iron III


New interface feature facilitating easy game import and recording.


Recorded game data can be viewed by using a slider


For more detailed analysis, all data can be seen in tables, and exported.


Numerical data suit tables even better!

Some modes present data in the format that allows exporting to Pivot-style tables.

For recorded time series, there are graphs too, showing top entries or the ones selected from the list.


The most obvious application of export to animated file feature.


But every other map mode can be used for export too.

2 thoughts on “Chronicle 3 Screenshots

  • March 26, 2016 at 19:26


    Great Tool, thanks, but I have a problem: Every time if I want to load an saved .aar file (CK2) the Programm crashs complete.
    Whats wrong? Need support 😉


  • March 26, 2016 at 19:38


    I understand that you are able to import savegames but it is loading AARs that fails you? Can you post a link to your AAR file in the program’s CK2 thread ( If I understand your problem well, I’m pretty sure that I can find the solution.

    Today, or very very soon I’ll be uploading the next small release but I can fix it for some successive release.


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