New World Order 2.3.2

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Requirements Darkest Hour 1.04
Installation instructions – Go to your game’s mod directory (e.g. “C:\Program Files\Darkest Hour\Mods”);
– Make a copy of “Darkest Hour Full” directory, which is going to take a while (a lot of files to be copied);
– Rename the copied directory “New World Order 2″
– Copy contents of the downloaded NWO archive into the “New World Order 2″ directory.


[x] several additions of ministers integrated and a couple of other fixes (by der Kriegsherr)
[x] fixed wrong governments appearing when German countries get formed
[x] added a couple of ministers or minister portraits (by Polishruskie)
[x] added birthday events and aging photos for Hirohito and Franco (by Polishruskie)
[x] implemented additional ministers and tech teams for Finland (by Korsteeni)