I am in no way associated with Paradox Interactive AB or any of its associated companies (referenced collectively as “Paradox”). The files published here are designed to be used freely or in conjuction with the games published by Paradox. All the files are published here free of charge. Please be warned that all of the creations are published here in state of ongoing development and I take no responsibility for adverse effects they may create on your computer. Most of the programs are intended to modify (or delete) various files that are opened and processed by them, so please use caution and in all cases create backups of data involved.

Games mentioned on the webpage are trademarks of Paradox and any associated material is used for informative purposes only.

Use in other mods

In case of files published here (mods and materials accompanying programs) you may use them without my explicit permission, although please mention this fact and the scope of material used, in your credits or other notes.

If you like to use files that I specified in credit notes as created by someone else, please contact the original author for permission.