DH: The Grand Campaign

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Compatibility Darkest Hour
Developed 2012-2013


This mod is the result of a long-planned undertaking to merge two independent mods:

– Arms, Armistice, and Revolutions (AAR) by Burning and Limith, which according to its creators, “links the 1914-Scenario to the classical 1936 grand campaign, thereby offering half a century of pure political, economical and social turmoil to play. It takes care of guiding the major powers of WW2 so they can then pursue their individual, (a)historical paths in a new, great War.”

– New World Order 2 (NWO) by Bizon, which to quote myself, “is a mod which task is to provide compelling reason to keep playing Darkest Hour after 1945 (…) The task of the mod, once again, is to recreate all the plausible venues in which the World War 2 could have ended, and experience the darkest hours of the Cold War era.”

With Darkest Hour Full developers concentrating on 1914-1918 and 1933-1945 timeline, AAR mod covering Interwar era and NWO mod taking care of the times of the Cold War, the resulting merger offers the possibility to replay almost 80 years of war and peace (1914-1991), creating many possible avenues of historical development.

While creating a working version of such a combination out of recent versions of each mod would be feasible, it would be an arduous task to update it along with development of each mod. So I took another route and created a program to use source files from each mod and merge them on the go. This way anyone can create their version of this mod out of available files.



Thanks to:

  • Limith for his initial idea and initiative as well as detailed feedback concerning AAR and NWO mod linkup;
  • ejwith9953 for testing recent NWO builds with NWO and providing some balancing fixes;
  • eeex for his creative ideas concerning usage of this program with Fernando Torres’ World in Flames mod.