Map-to-Map Converter

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Compatibility Darkest Hour
Developed 2011-2012


This program is designed specifically for converting scenarios from vanilla HoI2 map to DH Full map. The converter takes care of merging and dividing of provinces between two maps and makes sure that the state borders and troops locations are as correct as possible. There’s no magic involved and the program has an ID conversion table supplied.



My biggest thanks go to ewphoenix123 who published a preliminary Id conversion table. I used a couple of changes made by novapaddy and corrected several positions as well as filled it with more than a 100 missing conversion entries, mainly for Russia and India. Without this great starting point I wouldn’t even consider making this program.

It was also great to use ID map for vanilla HoI2 made by Lord Ederon and the map for DH Full made by Lucifer.