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New World Order 2.3.4


New World Order 2 is a mod which task is to provide compelling reason to keep playing Darkest Hour after 1945 at least until planned end of timeline in 1991. Based on its predecessor that allowed seamless playability from 1936 well into depths of Cold War it combines DH Full map with huge number of events accounting for post-war elections, declarations of independence, local conflicts and shifts in economic production around the world. Regional strifes and Cold War flashpoints can erupt into World War 3 on a global scale with DH’s world embroiled in a nuclear struggle. The task of the mod, once again, is to recreate all the plausible venues in which the World War 2 could have ended, and experience the darkest hours of the Cold War era.


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The mod contains Cold War Tech Tree techtree extension mod by Kretoxian and contributors, improved by ejwith995 in The Grand Campaign Mod.

The mod contains SKIF icons by derekg36

Special thanks for eeex for debugging and publishing hotfixes!

Moreover, the mod uses work done by:
– gstrits45 (the minister files and photos for Communist China and Communist Germany – DDR)
– Leonaru (ACIP ministers for U70-U99 countries)
– General Mosh (conversion of Space Race events)
– omega20 (major help with 1945 OOBs)
– danielshannon (help with tech teams and Soviet ministers)
– eeex (1945/1950 scenario ministerial setup, corrected counter gfx, Eastern European countries flags, 1.04 RC compatibility)
– FCZP (help with ministers, OOBs, propaganda pictures and other things for USSR)
– Dodraugen (national insignia for East Turkestan)
– RumpNissen89 (national insignia for Free City of Trieste and communist USA)
– Rrt877 (flags of Burma, Iraq and Egypt)
– Kretoxian (OOBs for SFR Yugoslavia)
– MajkaRusija (original names of air units for SFR Yugoslavia)
– lanodaka (post-1945 tech teams)
– Piajr (ministers and tech teams for Poland and Communist Poland)
– Limith (ideas for improvement of Chinese Civil War and postwar Chinese states)
– OneAussieMan777 (events for Australia, from “Australia, A Nation Worth Fighting For” mod)
– borrowski4 (couple of events for India and Pakistan)
– derekg36 (improvements for Spain)
– A-150 (event hotfixes)
– Stuka Ju87 D3 (fixing unit modifiers)
– Panda69 (events for united Europe)
– JonathanJ6 (Soviet leaders for communist Poland)
– Korsteeni (USA ministers pack)
– burning_phoneix (Saudi Arabia)
Some pictures of Soviet ministers come courtesy of both the Kaiserreich team (old leninists) and Pioniere, provided by danielshannon.

Some 1980s ministers are from the 1989 Turning Point mod (, sent for me by hansnery.

Big thanks!