Older projects

Under this category older projects are stored.

Title Developed Description
DH Province Editor 2013 Province editor which displays a map and lets to edit various province properties and features. It allows a lot of different map views for quick reference and checkup.
DH List Generator 2013 Generates random lists of leaders, ministers or tech teams out of predefined names’ lists.
DH Companion 2012-2013 A savegame viewer that lets extract various data from Darkest Hour savegame files and display it on the map or extract it to tables, either for the purpose of AAR writing, bugfixing or just for fun.
DH The Grand Campaign 2012-2013 Mod aggregator utility designed to combined AAR and NWO2 mods into one single package for full 1914-1991 playthrough.
Event text to CSV Extractor 2012 Extracts event texts (names, descriptions, actions names) and puts them into CSV files.
Map-to-Map Converter 2011-2012 Converting scenarios from vanilla HoI2 map to DH Full map.
New World Order 2010-2011 A mod for Darkest Hour (compatible with Arsenal of Democracy) aimed at enhancing the post-war experience.
Seceder 2010 Reads province.csv and province_names.csv and then lets you choose what areas/regions/provinces you would like to secede to generate “secedeprovince” commands.
Monarchs Editor 2009 Edits and saves monarchs’ stats in various Europa Engine games.